Monday, January 19, 2009


Provincial Police Magazine violates DNCL

Last week, I received a call from some guy purporting to be calling from "Provincial Police Magazine."

Of course, the caller ID displayed Unknown Name / Unknown Number. The caller wanted to know if he could count on my support of their efforts to help save the 30,000 missing children each year.

Now, of course I wouldn't want to be the guy who stands in the way of saving 30,000 children. But I wanted to know why a magazine that I have never heard of ignored my number being on the Do Not Call List (DNCL). Asking the caller that question triggered him to disconnect.

I'm glad he hit the red button first. Since he hung up on me, I feel less guilty about not saving all those children.

Provincial Police Magazine has no web presence, and is likely just another scam.

Last Wednesday, Global National ran a piece talking about how easy it is for the bad guys to continue to operate and even use the DNCL as a source of numbers. It is what we have been saying from the beginning.

Will the DNCL ever actually result in a prosecution? Don't blame the CRTC. They were ordered to implement the DNCL by Parliament. Will this piece of legislation do anything more than raise the cost of doing business for legitimate groups while letting the bad guys go free?

Academic research project: has anyone developed a macro cost / benefit analysis of the DNCL?

[Side note: I had a response to my suggestion last week for a student project. Thank you, Christopher.]

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The fact that some unscrupulous operators don't follow the new law does not surprise me. But the law is working. I've noticed a significant reduction in the number of telemarketing calls I get since signing up for the DNCL.
"[Side note: I had a response to my suggestion last week for a student project. Thank you, Christopher.]"

Cool! WTG (Way To Go) Christopher!

Hope we get to see it very soon.
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