Saturday, April 14, 2007


KINSA celebrates the heroes of the fight

KINSAKINSA - The Kids Internet Safety Alliance - is holding its first annual gala evening on May 2 at the Ontario Science Centre, celebrating 'Heroes of the Fight' with an award of distinction dinner.

The event is intended to raise awareness and celebrate the work being done to make the Internet safer for children. Funds will support Youth and Parent Education, Internet Safety Advocacy and the establishment of the KINSA Centre for Child Rescue and CyberCrime Investigation.

Join us to celebrate and honour the people who have been working on our behalf to protect our children. You can download an order form for individual tickets and tables here.

There is a session looking at Illegal Content on the Internet at The 2007 Canadian Telecom Summit in June, featuring KINSA board members Paul Gillespie and David Butt.

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