Thursday, January 11, 2007


Three C's for user created content

Michael Geist wrote a piece in the Toronto Star on Monday looking at the policy response to user created content.

In his article, he speaks of the government's need to focus on 3 Cs - Connectivity, Content and Copyright.

Some may argue with Michael's positions on the role of government versus the marketplace, especially in respect of connectivity, these issues merit serious discussion. At the very least, government needs to provide clarity and consistency, 2 other C-words, to allow the market to respond and flourish.

As Michael concludes:
Time Magazine's decision to celebrate the participatory Internet leaves little doubt that the issue has moved from edges of cyberspace into the mainstream, forcing policy makers to confront their role in this exciting new world.
Political parties should be preparing their platforms with these issues taking a prominent position.

The regulatory blockbuster, on Wednesday June 13 at The Canadian Telecom Summit, features Canada's leading thinkers and practitioners on telecommunications regulation and policy.

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