Sunday, December 03, 2006


Alcacent / Lucatel

Alcatel - LucentThe deal has closed and the world's largest telecommunications equipment vendor has a new name and logo: introducing Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALU). I wrote a little piece this past summer about rebranding and the caution that needs to be taken in changing a corporate identity. Alcatel-Lucent has (so far) decided to keep both names. I guess Alcacent sounded too much like a remedy for after my Super Bowl party.

Like the smudged effect of the former Lucent red coffee-cup stain, the company’s new logo is a stylized version of an infinity symbol that looks as if it is drawn by hand. Embedded within the symbol are likenesses of an A and an L. The signature color of the new logo is purple (which goes so nicely with the my own homepage).

Patricia Russo, Chief Executive Officer of the combined Alcatel-Lucent is quoted saying:
Our new logo represents the endless possibilities for the future and our commitment to being a strong and enduring ally for our customers around the world.
Will the double corporate name be as strong and enduring?

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