Friday, October 20, 2006


Let the games begin!

TELUSOK - it isn't quite the launch of full unbridled competition. But we have moved a step closer.

TELUS has filed an application with the CRTC for local services forbearance in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

The application represents the first by one of the major ILECs and it is the first application to have been filed since the CRTC released the formal rules in Decision 2006-15 last April. The TELUS application claims that it has already lost more than 25% market share in Fort McMurray. Recall that the 25% threshold is under review by the CRTC, on its own motion.

However, TELUS acknowledges in its application that it does not meet the competitor quality of service criteria as currently set out in the CRTC's 2006-15 rules. On October 5, TELUS filed a separate application to modify certain aspects of the competitor quality of service criteria. The Fort McMurray application is contingent on the CRTC accepting TELUS' arguments that the competitor QOS criteria be modified.

It would have been nice to see a clean application conforming to the 2006-15 criteria - but at least this is a start.

Evidence of rivalrous behaviour? After two weeks of CRTC public hearings on Price Caps and appearing in front of Parliamentary Committee, it will be good to look at activities in the marketplace.

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