Sunday, October 29, 2006


Contact centre employer of choice

CC Employer of ChoiceOne of the bright lights at this week's poorly attended ICCM trade show in Toronto was Jeff Doran, president of Contact Centre Employer of Choice, a consulting firm that evaluates and certifies workplaces.

Jeff recognized that there is a wide variation in the working conditions for call centre employees - from sweat shops with staff crowded around folding tables in boiler rooms, through the professional call centres that are more typical of the major carriers and service providers.

His firm provides a certification program, enabling clients to use the 'Employer of Choice' brand in their recruiting and perhaps allowing companies to more easily attract employees who actually want to come to work.

Call centres are the first voice heard by customers for most companies. Happier, more satisfied workers present a better corporate image, resulting in happier, more satisfied customers.

That means less churn of employees and lower churn of clients: both resulting in lower costs.

Why not get certified?

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